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Emotional Storytelling

Online Workshop

This course is designed to help you build confidence in your creative vision and abilities so that you are able to produce authentic, emotive imagery. I will discuss how to infuse your unique voice into your client work to create photographs you’re excited about. You will build your confidence in technical aspects such as lighting, choosing locations, and editing so that you are free to focus on creating images inspired by each unique client and location thus producing an authentic experience every time.

Powerful Posing Couples Online workshop twyla jones

Powerful Posing

Online Workshop at the Unraveled Academy

We can all relate to the creative ruts that plague us as photographers. It is especially common to experience these ruts if you’re trying something new for the first time, or if you’ve been photographing the same type of session for awhile.  Even as you go through this course, I want you to remember that you are here to grow your art form, your skills, and gain inspiration on how to share your unique voice. These tips and tricks are here as a catalyst to inspire you to dig in and create work that looks like you! If you’re creating something that’s already been done, you’ll find it much more difficult to stand out and, ultimately, you won’t feel as fulfilled from the work you’re creating because It’s not being born out of your creativity. As artists, I believe connecting with that sense of fulfillment is really what drives us to keep creating, and is how we are able to continually find the joy in our work.

In Person Workshops

A transformative photography workshop / January 15th-18th 2019 / Joshua Tree California

Harsh Light Masterclass / February 11-13 2019 / Palm Springs California

Waterfalls Workshop / July 17-20 2018 / The Poconos & Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania