Working With Brands

Working With Brands


Working with brands has been a beautiful collaboration I feel grateful to have been doing since I started dressing my clients and providing style guides to ensure each session flawlessly matches my desired aesthetic.

Collaborating with brands is a way to ensure your session closet is filled with only the best pieces that enhance your vision. It is also an amazing way to make extra money on a service that you’re already providing by including your most loved brands into sessions.

As a photographer, your clients see your work on social media and on your website and their desire is to become the people in the photographs that made them fall in love with your unique style of photography. It is your job to take every step necessary to help them live out their most authentic interactions with the ones they love, while providing them with every opportunity for the images to turn out similar to the aesthetic they fell in love with.

Working with brands is the perfect way to help your clients receive photos they love where they get to be the woman in the dress that ruffles perfectly in the breeze with windswept hair while their child runs wild beside in a carefree outfit that embodies the meaning of childhood freedom.

This guide is perfect for those who are ready start collaborating with brands, but are unsure of what information is the most important to include that will truly highlight why it would be a perfect partnership.

This guide includes:

  • A section for your biography

  • An area highlighting your blog statistics

  • A section dedicated to social media reach to show your possible collaborators your influence.

  • A list of past partners to reference.

  • A dedicated portfolio page to showcase your best work.

  • The exact packages I offer to guide you and help you build your own!


1. Must have experience using Photoshop and layers.

2. Update text as needed plus colors, size, and placement. Some text included in the template.

3. Fonts used in this guide are indicated in the "How to Guide"

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