Two Hour Mentoring

Two Hour Mentoring


Editing & Custom Preset Focus:

Learn to control every module in Lightroom/ACR and manipulate your images to achieve the tones and depth you've been dreaming of.

We will build a custom preset to suit your style of shooting and lighting.

Through screen sharing I will control your editing program and edit your images in my style or we'll develop something brand new just for you!  Alternatively you may login to my computer and watch me edit any of my images.

Posing Concentration:

Together we will identify your voice and the story you want to tell. We will discuss how to prep, pose and direct clients to produce authentic images you can connect with and are excited to edit.

Through screensharing I will walk you through a session type of your choosing and tell you how I directed them and exactly what I'm looking for to produce real, emotive moments.

We will also cover techniques to help prepare you before the shoot to build confidence and boost creativity.

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