Mentoring is really a beautiful marriage of minds where one person takes the lead and feeds into the other; helping release the restrictions of ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m scared’, providing permission to take risks and trust the process so you can step into your unique creative voice, and offering insight through lived-experience on methods of creating strong images that create clients that you will journey with through life’s adventures.

My goal is to meet you where you are at, and assist you with what you’re looking to grow on while providing the tools you’ll need to begin creating more authentic and inspired work that is uniquely your own. I share the root of my passion to help you unlock yours so you, too, can create emotive images that resonate with you and your unique clients on a level unlike anyone else. I want to get to know you on a deep level so we can use your inner spark to fuel what you create. I’m here to be sure you are producing images with a clear voice people connect with so they can’t help themselves but be photographed by only you-- you are the one that speaks to their soul.

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Transformational mentoring sessions are one my favorite things to do as a photographer. I remember what it was like to lack confidence in the work I was producing, thinking no one wants the kind of work I long to produce. The day I committed to sticking to what my innermost being was calling me to do was the day I defined my style and began producing work unlike anyone else. Only you can create the images you feel in your soul. I’m here to get that spark out of you.

A full-day session with me will be in person and will include a LIVE shoot where we can put to practice what we cover during our our time together and create images you will feel proud of. We will cover absolutely anything you’d like during your session to help you with anything you need. I am invested in your needs as both an artist and business owner. I’m here for you on your journey.

I also offer 1-hour sessions, available in person or online, where we can cover any topic you’d like. Most mentoring students tend to use these one-hour sessions for editing.

The common topics I cover are;

  • Editing and Custom Presets
  • Posing and Directing for Authentic and Emotive Imagery
  • Finding Your Confidence and Creative Voice
  • Social Media - Efficiency and Growth
  • Creative Marketing to reach your ideal clients

I see the results every time I’ve worked with a mentoring student. I see their shots after we worked together and they’re on a different level than they were before; their images connect on a deeper level and are more emotive.