I loved every second of my mentoring session with Twyla.  Not only is she incredibly kind, but her artistic insight is AMAZING.  I really believe that investing in yourself as an artist is a vital part of your success, and you certainly cannot go wrong investing in a Twyla Jones mentorship…trust me.  She believes wholeheartedly in lifting other artists up, while offering them raw and honest portfolio critiques to better enhance the way they tell their visual stories.  She is truly a gem. 


 How it works

One struggle I feel a lot of photographers can identify with is creating images for clients versus yourself. I feel a lot of photographers I've spoken with have this idea in their head of what they think their client expects to see and then they have this other thought of what they wish they could give them. I think it's incredibly important to remember that you are the artist and your clients have commissioned you to create art out of their love and connection using YOUR unique voice. Be you, tell their story through your eyes. I am here to help you.  

live shoot with twyla jones photography mentoring

Full Day | In Person Mentoring

Together we will choose a location and models and all you need to bring is one camera and your favorite lens! I will show you exactly how I choose my locations and light and then as I pose and direct I will tell you exactly where and how to shoot to produce images that showcase connection and emotion.

As a bonus these images make excellent additions for you portfolio!



Twyla manages to capture what it feels like to be in love, to be a mother in her photos. Her session is both refreshingly different and inspiring. She just gets emotion and she shows you how to capture that in your work. She’s such a damn nice person as well roll this with her talent and I can’t think of anybody else I’d rather learn from. Highly recommended.

posing and directing one on one mentoring with twyla jones photographer

Posing & Directing for Emotive & Authentic Imagery

Ideal for the professional photographer looking to find their voice and connect on a deeper level with their craft. 

Together we will identify your voice and the story you want to tell. We will discuss how to prep, pose and direct clients to produce authentic images you can connect with and are excited to edit. Through screensharing I will walk you through a session type of your choosing and tell you how I directed them and exactly what I'm looking for to produce real, emotive moments. We will also cover techniques to help prepare you before the shoot to build confidence and boost creativity.


Twyla is special, she translates relationships between Parents and Children the way we feel them. When I look at her imagery I feel it, I can connect to it. Being able to speak to people through pictures to me is a talent. I want this for my pictures and for clients pictures.
Having that insight into how she shoots, having her knowledge on the other end of a message is awesome.

editing and preset mentoring with twyla jones photography

Editing & Custom Preset

Learn to control every module in Lightroom/ACR and manipulate your images to achieve the tones and depth you've been dreaming of.

We will build a custom preset to suit your style of shooting and lighting.

Through screen sharing I will control your editing program and edit your images in my style or we'll develop something brand new just for you!  Alternatively you may login to my computer and watch me edit any of my images.


Okay, I completely fell in love with Twyla. I was struggling finding who I wanted to be as a photographer, and what direction I wanted to go in, and this was immensely helpful!! She went into a TON of detail, and didn’t just teach you “one-click-edits”, she taught you how to use the program, so that you can learn and grow as a photographer yourself afterwords. That’s the real spirit of community over competition!! I really learned a lot of incredibly valuable information on how to actually edit a photo. By taking time on each image, she really showes you how much she cares to teach. She leaves nothing hidden, and no rocks left unturned. The work is in the details. If you want to be a successful photographer, this is definitely the way to go.