Mentoring sessions are one of the most fulfilling things I do as a photographer. My goal is to teach you the tools you'll need to begin creating more authentic and inspired work that is uniquely your own. Mentoring sessions can be done online via video chat and screen sharing or in person. I cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Editing and Custom Presets
  • Posing and Directing for Authentic and Emotive Imagery
  • Finding Your Confidence and Creative Voice
  • Social Media - Efficiency and Growth
  • Creative Marketing to reach your ideal clients

Bring any questions to me and we can spend the session time on anything you’re needing. I am invested in your needs as a business owner and an artist. I’m here for you, for your work, and any step in your journey.

Mentor Sessions are offered at  8, 4 and 2-hour long sessions as well as a custom one year course (contact me directly for year long mentorships) . To book, simply click on the class below and you will be directed to a sign up form where you can find more information on each specific session. Once your form is filled out and payment is made, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to get a date and time on the schedule for your session.

*Full and Half Day sessions include live shoots. Ask me for group discounts on Full Day mentoring.


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Emotional Storytelling - Online Workshop

This course is designed to help you build confidence in your creative vision and abilities so that you are able to produce authentic, emotive imagery. I will discuss how to infuse your unique voice into your client work to create photographs you’re excited about. You will build your confidence in technical aspects such as lighting, choosing locations, and editing so that you are free to focus on creating images inspired by each unique client and location thus producing an authentic experience every time.
photo rehab workshop twyla jones photography

The Photo Rehab - Black Mountain, North Carolina

Photo Rehab is the ‘unworkshop.’ You won’t get carpal tunnel from note taking. There’s barely electricity out here so forget Powerpoint. No one’s going to show you the album that won them best photographer in the world. We’ve hand picked local mentors to guide you through the good stuff, the meat of it. A real shoot with a real couple and they’ll guide you along their process. Each of you get a say, speak up. We want to hear your voice. And we bring this all to you in one of the most badass locations in the country – North Carolina. Waterfalls and Mountains!

The Safe House Workshop - New York City

Spend an intimate weekend in the city with other photographers + creative entrepreneurs. Learn, laugh, and live. Made to inspire creativity in a safe environment where you feel welcome and free to be you. Walk away with hours of shooting side by side with leaders in your industry, time to observe, lots of knowledge, new friendships, + some of the best memories. Also, did we mention a bad ass bartender, chef, and some possible karaoke? 


Click Away - Amelia Island Florida

An empowering and innovative three day shooting, learning, and social conference & retreat for photographers.

Forest and falls - falls creek falls, Tennessee

It's like summer camp, for photographers!

Southeast Photo Convention - Tampa, Florida

An event for wedding and portrait photographers that are passionate towards inspiring and encouraging the fellow photographer. We are for the photographer who cares more about engaging and investing in others, than boasting about themselves. Southeast Photo Convention is for those focusing on building intentional community by educating, encouraging, and inspiring one another to become a better artist and entrepreneur. We want strangers to become close friends and newbie photographers to grow into mentors. We are all in this to win, not bring each other down.