Mentoring Sessions with Twyla Jones Photography

photography mentor sessions with twyla jones

I began offering photography mentor sessions last week and I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who has inquired!  I have enjoyed sharing and helping even more than I expected.

I decided to offer these one on one sessions because they are exactly what I would have wanted when I first began trying to find this elusive style and voice everyone was talking about. When I started my photography business I spent every dollar on education and bettering my craft. The photography world is vast and opportunities for learning something new are around every corner.   If you are searching and feeling lost I encourage you to keep looking for those tiny pieces of knowledge that really sing to you and you will become so much greater than all of the beautiful parts you've collected.

I am here to help you.  I am humbled that you would allow me to hold your hand and guide you down the path you're already on. I want to point out the beautiful things you knew were there but just couldn't see quite as clearly before. I don't want to give you my voice and teach you to copy me. I want to help you find your voice and teach you to better use the tools you already have to communicate this with the world.

Let's begin your journey.