The Greatest Collection of Harsh Light Images EVER | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones Harsh Light Features

teri ledgerwood - emotional storytelling with twyla jones - harsh light.jpg

I'm serious. It's the greatest collection of harsh light imagery I've ever laid my eyes on.  I remember starting out in photography and trying to learn ALL of the different types of light and how to shoot in it.  Literally every article I ever came across shooting in harsh light advised to 'look for open shade' or to 'put the sun behind my subject'. As I kept at it, I would find myself with my kids in the middle of the afternoon at the beach.  Not an inch of shade in sight and I rarely pose them so I just embraced the light for what it was.  I began exposing for the highlights to create these very dramatic images full of contrast from the direct light and quickly fell in love and began incorporating this more and more into my client sessions.

For this feature I asked our Emotional Storytelling group to share their images photographed in harsh and direct light (that direct light at golden hour is unrivaled in it's beauty!) I'm so overwhelmed with the talent they shared and apologize in advance for the length of this blog post but I there isn't one of these images I could live without. Thank you for sharing your talent with us everyone!

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