Inspiring Collection of Emotive Black and White Imagery That Will Take Your Breath Away | Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones Embrace Features

Father and son embracing underwater taken by Twyla Jones

This year in my Facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. For the next four weeks we are focusing on images of children! This is where photography really began for me and where I draw my best inspiration. Their carefree nature and all the wild things they do have heavily influenced they way I approach photography.

Our focus for this feature was Embrace. I was so overwhelmed by the all of the incredible ways these talented artists were able to photograph the same simple gesture and take my breath away over and over again. We had so many submissions for this theme that it will be featured in multiple blog posts because there were simply too many to fit into one!  For part one please enjoy these black and white submissions.

We would love to have you follow along and join the conversation in our Facebook group Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones