Moody Scotland Elopement | Twyla Jones Photography

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Last year, some really amazing photographers in Scotland got in touch with me to have me come over and teach them. Hayley knew this amazing couple, Sabina and Gemma, and arranged to have them meet us in Glencoe. We were joined by my longtime online friend Kellee and a new friend Lianna. We met at a cafe just around the bend from where we shot to go over editing, marketing and posing for a few hours and then went out to photograph. I posed this gorgeous couple in the freezing cold and rain in these stunning wedding dresses from Saldana Vintage. Afterward I took Kellee, Hayley and Lianna to another spot we passed coming in, made them put on my dresses and photographed some unbelievable portraits of them as well (blog soon!)  Altogether it was such an incredible time and I feel so fortunate to have met them all and share the experience of photographing this beautiful and surreal landscape with them. I'm dying to go back and hope to put together another workshop here soon!

If you're interested in booking your own mentor session, you can find more information and contact me here. I would love to create something incredible with you!