Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones - New Spaces Feature

Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones

This year in my Facebook group Emotional Storytelling we have been working to inspire and create new images based on weekly themes. For our second week of 'Discovery' I felt it was really important to challenge our group to leave their safe spaces!

My good friend Teri Ledgerwood of Teri Hofford Photography had recently come to visit me in Florida all the way from Canada.  As we played around and explored my town through her fresh eyes I realized how comfortable I had become photographing the same spaces all the time. Our beaches here are so beautiful that I had stopped looking for all the other rad inspiration all around me and felt completely refreshed and creatively revived after our time together.

For this theme I challenged participants to look around their town for something they  would not normally shoot and let the space inspire them to do something new. The results, as you will see, are incredible.

In addition to all of this incredible work, there was one stand out session that I just had to feature in it's entirety.  Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and inspiring set with us Jennifer Bailey!  From the artist "My in-laws ranch. Really have been wanting to shoot something here. Got these dresses from Goodwill and am obsessed with how it turned out! Not my normal edits but since its just for me I get to do what I want!"

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