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Instagram stories have become a beautiful way to share a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what life is really like behind the lens. As Instagram has become the dominating social media platform, it’s no surprise that Instagram stories quickly replaced Snapchat as a way to provide insight into our businesses and lives. With the recent addition of Instagram story Highlights, the rise in unique opportunities to use this feature to your advantage are starting to become evident!

I’ve enjoyed using the Highlight feature to showcase the various aspects of Twyla Jones Photography as a business and who I am as a person. Below are my favorite ways to use Instagram Story Highlights that I know you’ll be able to implement and will love using for your photography business.

1 - Consistent Branding with Highlight Images

I recently implemented branded cover images for all of my highlight feeds on Instagram Stories. Having these branded images on my profile ensures the overall feel of my Instagram profile remains consistent with my website and all the other content I have available. These images are gorgeous icons that will be the first image someone who taps into the highlight feed will see. These branded images give your clients a wonderful feel for who you are and allows your unique style and voice to permeate your entire social presence.


2 - Showcase Educational Opportunities

From leading workshops or being a guest speaker at a retreat, to offering a free educational PDF, us photographers are always sharing our heart and souls and helping others explore their skills. Create one Instagram Story Highlight where you can feature all of these opportunities for other photographers to connect with your work in a hands-on application in one place. Instead of visiting your linkt.ree link, or tapping from your profile to your website, to your education page, they can simply tap on the highlight and see all the opportunities available. Using the ‘Swipe Up’ feature means you can provide the direct link to the specific workshop, PDF, or online course. This also gives you an easy way to remove a workshop once a date has passed, and even showcase work of those who have attended your workshops!

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3 - Offer a BTS Look At Editing a Session

Before and afters during an editing session are such a treat for photographers and those who appreciate photography! Seeing how a photographer creates their signature look, offering some tips and tricks in Lightroom, and even talking through editing an image can be a wonderful way to share your art with others. I love showcasing multiple images from a session with music in the background that compliments the feel of the images in my story. It’s a great way to share images that might not make it to Instagram, and give clients a feel for an overall session. Going above and beyond by adding music is a great indicator to potential clients of how much you truly focus on the details and small moments that all work together to create something beautiful.

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4 - Highlight Your Blog

Long gone are the days where a blog goes out with a synchronized system of mailing list notifications and posts across all forms of social media. While this was once the system, small businesses have less and less time to follow this system. It can be easy for people to skip an email, and seeing one image on a social feed sometimes isn’t enough to get your followers to ‘click the link in bio’ to see the rest of the content you’ve worked on hard to create. Highlighting blog sessions is such a wonderful way to increase traffic to your website. I will often do 2-3 posts in my Blog Highlight Story showing the images from the most recent blog post and will offer viewers the easy option to ‘Swipe Up’ to see the full post! This gives them more of an opportunity to see if it is content they want to view, and also gives them the easy option to swipe up and see, limiting the amount of clicks it takes to get to where the content is.

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5 - Link To Your Shop

Highlight new products like presets or online courses with a link to your shop. For presets, you can provide information about how you created the preset, share a story, demonstrate a preset in action, and provide the ‘Swipe Up’ to buy. For online courses, you can even highlight positive reviews and feedback, before and after images from those who have previously taken courses, and share your heart behind the project.

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6 - Showcase The Photographer BEHIND The Lens

As photographers we are much more comfortable BEHIND the lens. I’m right there with you. But showing you’re a real and relatable person gives your potential clients a chance to resonate with you, increasing their chances of booking a session. I recommend doing this in a way that is inline with your brand and online presence-- editing images of your family, friends or pets before posting on your story so they become mini examples of your unique style. Try sharing your go-to playlist while working, or share your work routine, favorite meals or places to go in your city, and definitely share while you are travelling! Your beautiful way of capturing images in various destinations can inspire clients to travel for images!

I know these tips will greatly impact your social media presence and will add an additional avenue of communication with your clients and potential clients to connect with you and your business. Sharing authentically with your tribe is the best way to create a connection and familiarity which will make a potential client think of only you when they need photographs. Using Instagram Story Highlights can create that connection and will organically grow your business.

Twyla xx