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When an individual, couple, friends or family choose to be photographed, it’s an honor I take to heart and I strive to capture the little moments of authentic interaction with your loved ones. When you desire to capture your clients at their best; genuinely enjoying each others company, making new memories together, and being true to who they are, you are really showing your client that you are wholly invested in them.

As a photographer who loves emotive storytelling, I can’t tell you how many times a client receives their gallery and are blown away by the tears of joy they share when seeing how beautifully they interact with the ones they love. Seeing the smiles, the laughs, the sparks, the love… it’s overwhelming to see captured so honestly, without reservation or inhibition.

Sharing the final photos with your client is providing them with memories that will last a lifetime. During the session, we take the time to slow down and really appreciate long embraces, the art of discovery and subtleties of affection. During our session, we intentionally make time to say the words we don't always stop to say that can bring out the best and brightest in those we love. When a client gets to see those photos, they are instantly taken back to the moment. It’s beautiful.

The impact of images is a wondrous thing. To scroll through images on your phone or computer is almost too disconnected to really take time to appreciate the sweet nuances of each emotion. This is one reason I provide my clients with Fine Art Prints of their session and offer additional prints, as well as gorgeous heirloom albums that will stand the test of time.

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If you’re a photographer, you will probably agree that not all printers are created equal. When choosing a printer to create your prints or albums, it’s imperative they create high-quality prints with 100% accuracy in clarity, color, and presentation. It’s been a journey finding a source I love and QT Albums is my favorite for a few reasons. One of the first reasons is the quality of the print itself. They use Giclée pigment archival printing which is the most advanced pigment
ink technology available ensuring a perfect match to the file I submit to be printed and the print the client will receive.

QT Albums takes hand-crafting seriously, knowing the finest attention to detail is best when viewed and cared for with the human touch. Their heirloom albums are actually hand-bound for a perfect edge. I love knowing the same attention to subtleties I put into capturing storytelling moments behind the lens will continue to translate into the love and care put into printing the memories for clients to re-live again and again. When a client does choose to have an heirloom album made, I know the memories will be passed down from generation to generation in a refined and timeless look that will only become more beautiful with age as recent memories turn into lifetime legends.

As a photographer drawn to the dramatic and emotive ways in which we connect with each other and our surroundings, it is my desire to create photographs that do more than serving as proof that you existed, I want to show that you lived passionately and loved madly. I want those moments to be immortalized forever for clients, in a way that speaks to their soul with each image they finger over as if reliving the moment it was taken. 


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