As Weird As We Want To Be | Personal Project in an Abandoned House | Twyla Jones Photography

I have been dying to share these photos from the moment I took April!!  I found out we were moving from Kansas to Florida about 3 weeks before I took these photos. I was excited but crushed. I still had so much I wanted to do in Kansas. So many amazing places to shoot that I just never got around to, because there is always time later. I was out of time. I had to work quickly.

Growing up, my parents took care of the property this old house sat on and when the owners finally sold the land I was beyond excited to hear that my fiance's mom was the one who purchased it!  There is a gorgeous wheat field that sits behind this house so I grabbed a friend and her adorable daughter for this shoot and then we quickly made our way to this house before it fell down. I had been fantasizing about creating images like these in a place like this since high school.

It's weird. Sometimes it's creepy. We walked around and let the house inspire us. We had three toddlers and a baby in tow (but not in the house, haha). You can make time to create the things you really want to.

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment.

There is no why.

-Kurt Vonnegut