Beach Babies | Treasure Coast Florida | Twyla Jones Photography

It has recently become very apparent that I am the literal worst when it comes to personal work. The kids and I have had so many amazing, throughly documented adventures and then they go to die on a hard drive. I have a bad habit of picking through the photos to select a few favorites and then move on to client work and other commitments. Perhaps 2017 can be my year of staying committed to following through on these memories: sharing, blogging, printing. 

I'm beginning with this day from May. We had just moved to Florida and this was my first time really getting to photograph the kids at the beach. This was the day I really began to fall in love with shooting in harsh light. This was the day they got to know their new best friends. This was the first time my new friend Paula and I got to photograph together. An amazing day and a reminder to make more time for being silly at the beach.