Dylan Creates | Fort Pierce Inlet State Park | Twyla Jones Photography

I found myself at the beach on one stormy afternoon this summer. I was there in hopes of challenging myself to approach a stranger and photograph something of meaning for them.

I was too nervous to approach anyone.

I was prepared to leave when I noticed a group of birds near the shore. I was disappointed I didn't have Oscar and Ari tagging along to run though them.

And then I spotted him.

A blond haired boy with the most beautiful brown skin and red trunks. I approached his father without thinking and asked if he minded that I photograph his son running through the birds. David explained that his son had autism and he may not be into it but that I was welcome to try!

As Dylan leapt through the birds I asked his dad what he enjoyed doing. He explained Dylan loved maps and countries. A storm was quickly approaching so I asked Dylan if he would like to draw me a country. He sat in the sand and outlined the United States a couple of times before moving on to create his own country, naming it "Maur Bow (Flinn)".

We were forced to part ways as the rains approached. I am so happy to have these photographs from our first encounter and hope that it will not be the last. I look forward to creating more experiences like this and would encourage you to act on the creative adventures that call to you.