Mother Child Connection Session | Riverbend Park Jupiter, Florida | Twyla Jones Photography

twyla jones photography mother son black and white riverbend park jupiter florida treasure coast family photographer

Every once in a while session just happens to you. Shortly after moving from Kansas to Florida's beautiful Treasure Coast, I was invited to join some local photographers at Riverbend Park In Jupiter Florida.  These photographers did an AMAZING job setting up several styled shoots with props, models and even an orange VW van from Stokey's Classic Camper Rentals in Tequesta, Florida.  I usually prefer to shoot a little more intimately so when I recognized the opportunity to throw a dress and jewelry I brought on a friend who just happened to have brought her insanely adorable children along I took it. Paula loves these children fiercely and I'm so grateful I was able to make her some images to let her see how beautiful that love really is.  Let this be proof you can piece an unplanned session together in the midst of chaos with roughly 15 minutes of shooting time.

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